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Case Solution

To enhance their impact, color cases should be published in color. Illustrates IDEO, the world's top product design company, and its entrepreneurial environment and methods.Focus is laid on the significant part of creating an archetype and following experiments as a norm, and in the framework of the much acclaimed Palm V handheld computer in specific. A studio head is enquired by a new venture (Handspring) to create a novice hand-held PC (Visor) in very little time – half of what it took to create Palm V, which meant using a lot of several shortcuts to IDEO's celebrated inventive methods. Emphasizes on:

1) Prototyping and research activities at a top product manufacturer;

2) The importance of fun, strictness, and framework design in entrepreneurial methods; and

3) The managerial issues of producing and managing a very novice and inventive organizational culture. Has colored exhibits for facilitation.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

What is IDEO’s value proposition for Palm V? That is, what value does Palm expect to gain from IDEO’s service?

Was IDEO able to deliver on this value proposition? How?

Identify the creative solutions implemented in the engineering and design of Palm V. How did they come about? How were the problems identified and the solutions developed? What were the costs and benefits of these creative solutions?

Describe the steps in the “knowledge funnel” for the development of Palm V. Were these steps serendipitous or predictable? Why?

Does IDEO manage and/or facilitate the perception-imagination relationship? Provide specific examples.

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