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Case Solution

IMAX was part of a number of different operations of the large-format film industry: generation, circulation, theater operations, framework development and renting. The case represents IMAX's utilization of its remarkable capacities to follow an emphasized differentiation design. IMAX was at first centered around large-format movies that were instructive yet exciting, and the theaters were situated in places, for example, historical centers, aquariums, and national parks. IMAX, however, found that its development and effectiveness were restricted by its niche tactic. Accordingly, IMAX tried to develop by venturing into multiplexes. Moreover, IMAX extended its film portfolio by changing over Hollywood motion pictures, for example, Harry Potter and Superman, into the large format film category. This change in plan was facilitated by the improvement of two innovative facilities - DMR for change of standard 35 mm film into large format, and DMX to change over standard multiplexes to IMAX frameworks. The change in the system was mostly fruitful, yet conveyed the danger of IMAX losing its extraordinary standing.

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Questions Covered

Analyze IMAX’s general and industry environments and identify the opportunities and challenges it faces.

Discuss IMAX’s business strategy and analyze how IMAX’s resources, capabilities and competencies support its business and corporate strategies.

Why was IMAX changing its business and corporate strategies? Could IMAX thrive as a niche player that only made large format films and systems?

Evaluate changes in IMAX’s business and corporate strategies. Have the changes been effective? Could increasing the number of Hollywood movies released in IMAX format dilute the IMAX brand?

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