India Faces a Power Failure U S Financial Service Company Expansion Plans Case Solution

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Case Solution

The case oversees U.S. Money related Service Company (USFSC) and its CEO, John P. Lewis, and their thought regardless of whether the organization ought to open operations in India. USFSC would either collaborate with a neighborhood money related administration organization or put resources into another start-up bank office or delegate office in India. Despite the fact that Lewis is directing this examination in 2012, the case covers the time period from 2005 to 2012 to give foundation and to survey the monetary advancements and political arrangements attempted by the Indian government to recuperate from the worldwide money related emergency of 2007-2009. The case obliges an execution investigation of the money related capacity of USFSC to attempt venture into India and/or the case additionally requires an evaluation of the monetary and political dangers of putting resources into India and how to relieve those dangers

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

1.       Introduction

2.       Rigidity Analysis

3.       Exchange Rate

4.       Consumer Price Index and Inflation

5.       National Economic Growth

6.       Import and Export Analysis

7.       Balance of Payment Account

8.       Financial Projections

9.       Target Setting

10.   Monetary and Fiscal Policy

11.   Management Decision Table

12.   Short Term Crisis Analysis

13.   Exchange Rate

14.   Economy

15.   Investment Decision

16.   Production Decision

17.   References

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