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InnoCentive com A Case Solution

Case Solution

This case is based on a company,, which works for linking research and development of big organization to external third parties. The company has to decide if enabling the collaboration would be a viable option for their community. The case covers the introductory learning about an innovational structure. It highlights the advantages of outsourcing the R&D function of the company. The main setting to which this case can be applied is non-software. It also describes the reason that the firms get involved in innovational programs and the advantages that the firms derive out of this setting. The context of the collaboration is a competition that was the reason the interaction was formed. 

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Questions Covered

1. Why would firms use InnoCentive’s service to solve scientific and technical problems?

2. What are the drawbacks in choosing a market or a community for problem solving?

3. How would you improve Innocentive Business model?