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Interco Case Solution

Case Solution

Interco has been guided by Wasserstein Perella to not accept an offer of $70 per share for the organization. The case presents the different types of assessments used by Wasserstein Perella and encourages a discussion of the decisions pertaining to Interco’s board as well as Wasserstein Perella.

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Comparable Transaction Analysis

Business Segment     1988 Sales      Multiple Range     Value Range      Median Value           Business Segment     1988-Operating Cash Flow     Multiple Range    Value Range   Median Value

Interco Balance Sheet 

Interco Segments Financial Information

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Questions Covered

Assess Interco's financial performance prior to the Rales brothers' offer. Why doyou think the company was a target of a hostile takeover attempt?

As a member of Interco's board are you persuaded by the premiums paid analysisand the comparable transactions analysis? Why?

Wasserstein, Perella & Co. established a valuation range of $68-80 per commonshare for Interco. Show that this valuation range can follow from the assumptionsdescribed in the discounted cash flow analysis provided (exhibit 12). As a member ofInterco's board, which assumptions might you have questioned?

What are your reactions to the roles played in Interco's situation by its board ofdirectors? by Wasserstein, Perella & Co.?