JetBlue Airways Starting from Scratch Case Solution

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Case Solution

JetBlue Airways demonstrates how an entrepreneurial endeavor has the capacity to use human asset administration, particularly qualities focused way to deal with overseeing individuals, as a wellspring of a game-changer. The significant test confronted by Ann Rhoades is to develop this individual focused association at a quick rate while holding exclusive requirements for worker choice and keeping up a little organization society.

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Questions Covered

If you owned and/or managed a venture capital fund would you invest in JetBlue?  Why or why not?

What are the key features (or potential success factors) of JetBlue’s business model?

How would you characterize (or describe) the Chief HR Officer role of Ann Rhodes in reference to pages 159 and 160 of the text and the HR role configuration presented?

What is your evaluation of the degree of alignment of the corporate strategy (and business model), HR practices, and organization values and culture of JetBlue?

Is the objective of remaining union-free realistic and how important is being non-union to the business model and HR practices and systems?

Use the models (frameworks) contained in chapters 3 and 4 (pages 106 and 171) of the Mello text and prepare a brief situational and strategic analysis.  Also, go to the web site of JetBlue to obtain current information. 

Can a values-based corporate culture develop when top executives do not see each other on a frequent basis?  Why or why not?

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