Jimmy Fu and Moog Inc Understanding Shareholders Equity Case Solution

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Case Solution

An English-language PDF of this Brief Case in an academic course pack will allow the students with the opportunity to buy an audio form as well. Jimmy Flu is appearing for an interview at Moog Inc for a job position. Moog Inc. is a global designer, producer and incorporates precision motion and fluid controls and systems. Jimmy has come to know that a job proposal from Moog generally entails stock choice and restricted stock as remuneration. The entrusting and final policy for the stock plan compelled Jimmy to look into the Shareholder's equity segment of the Moog Balance sheet, where he identified more figures than hoped for. The case allows the students to learn about concepts of employee stock options, stock-splits and buybacks, multiple share classes, and the fundamentals of equity investment and diversification. Students will be required to finish a quantitative evaluation and assessment of the financial trading related to the Shareholders' Equity. Key concepts Include Accounting, Shareholder's Equity, Stock Options, Stock Splits, Share Classes, Equities, and Investments.

Excel Calculations

 Balance Sheet Extracts

Common Stock

Class A

Class B

Additional Paid-in Capital

Retained Earnings

Treasury Shares (Class A)

Treasury Shares (Class B

Accumulated Other Income

Total Share holder's Equity

Outstanding Class A Shares

Outstanding Class B Shares

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