John Deere Component Works A Case Solution

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Case Solution

The department had identified the shortfalls of its current, conventional cost mechanism for approximatinggoods’ costs. Illustrates the inventive activity-based system that was chalked out to allocate overhead costs more precisely to individual goods and product ranges.Gives students a chance to critically assess a standard cost system and to evaluate the elements of the offereddesign that allocates costs to manufacturing activities.

Excel Calculations

Standard Costing Method for PART 103

ABC Costing Method for PART 103

Questions Covered

1. How did the competitive environment change for the John Deere Component Works between the 1970’s and the 1980’s?

2. What caused the existing cost system to fail in the 1980’s? What are the symptoms of cost system failure?

3. How were the limitations of the existing cost system overcome by the ABC system?

4. Compare the cost of Product A103 (see Exhibit 11) under the existing cost system and under the ABC approach.

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