Kingsford Charcoal Case Solution

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Case Solution

Since the 1980s, Kingsford had experienced an unfaltering, moderate development of 1% to 3% in its revenues annually.  Amid the vast majority of this time, the charcoal category also grew in itself. However, the summer of 2000 spoke to the first softening in the charcoal category in quite a while. Compels the students to think from the perspective of a brand manager, assess the reasons that led to the present circumstances, and think of proposals identified with pricing, branding and publicizing, and marketing and advancement of the Kingsford brand. A redrafted account of a previous case.

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Questions Covered

1. What is your action plan? What should brand managers Marcilie Smith Boyle and Allison Warren propose to their managers, Gordon and LaMontagne? (Hint: 4 Ps) 

2. How did Clorox get itself into its present situation? Of what relevant trends should Kingsford brand managers be aware?

3. Why do people grill? Profile a frequent griller. Why do people use charcoal versus gas when grilling? 

4. How does your action plan affect Kingsford‟s business objectives including market share, profit and franchise? 

5. What is the relevant category definition here? What marketing objectives do you recommend for the Kingsford brand?

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