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Case Solution

MindTreehandles creating, sustaining, and developing communities of practice in a systematized way. The communities of practice are referred to as a cluster of people brought together because of a common interest, hobby, or profession. MindTree shows that such communities can also exist on the web. The examples of the occurrences are blogs, newsgroups and forums. Knowledge is the main factor in the creation of such activities. At MindTree, the application of skills and knowledge is considered important. Education is a process of socialization that includes learning speaking, writing and reading. 

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Questions Covered

1. a)How does MindTree create, develop, and sustain communities of practice?

b)What role do they play at the company?

2. a)What is Bagchi hoping to accomplish as the Gardener?

b) What is your assessment of the Gardening process?

3. a)How does the 5*50 initiative alter the roles and responsibilities of the knowledge management function?

b) What changes would you propose?

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