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Managing a Global Team Greg James at Sun Microsystems Inc A Case Solution

Case Solution

Sun microsystems is a globally operational company. The operations are in UAE, USA, India and France. The global manager decides to meet the dispersed team to discuss an outage at a customer system that needed to be resolved. However, the manager found that the team was disintegrated and there was no collaboration between them. The company faced managerial issues in certain areas that posed a challenge to his global team. 

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Questions Covered

1. Prepare a detailed time line of the events surrounding Greg James’ team’s failure to respond to the HS Holdings problem.

2. Has Greg James failed as a team leader? Use the facts from the case to support your analysis and the readings to help you define what a good leader does.

3. What would you recommend that Greg James do to make his team more effective in the future? For each of your recommendations, indicate the problem it will solve and explain why the recommendation will work. Be sure to use class readings as a resource in answering this question.