Manchester Products A Brand Transition Challenge Case Solution

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Case Solution

In January 2005, Manchester Product Inc, a prolonged industry leader in office furniture that has only presently stepped into the household furniture segment, purchased Paul Logan's Furniture Division (PLFD). The buyout of PLFD has turned Manchester into a sudden competitive leader in the home furniture segment. A distinguishing element in the worth associated with PLFD has been the name of its founding member - debated to be the most elite name in top-fashion and accessories, and a genuine lifestyle brand. Manchester has purchased the copyright to promote and use the Paul Logan name; however, only for three years. John Adams, the vice president of marketing for Manchester is given the task of chalking a plan to change the brand identity from Paul Logan to Manchester. He must identify and construct the best timing and succession for the brand identity change, review the consequences and determine the adequate balance of advertising and promotion strategies and campaigns needed to facilitate the change. Download conclusion on case study analysis in Word Doc, Ppt or in PDF file with excel solution.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

How would you characterize the household furniture industry?

What are the benefits and risks associated with the acquisition of PLFD?

What are the marketing problems raised by the brand transition?

Which of the three brand transition options outlined in the case (or, a fourth one that you develop) should Adams recommend?

Do you agree with Adams‟s budget estimates and allocations?

What recommendations would you make to Manchester management for 2005 promotions and advertising plan?

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