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MedNet com Confronts Click Through Competition Case Solution

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Case Solution

Med Net is a website that offers its online visitors information based on health free of cost. It integrates the web-based journals, social media channels, virtual tours, and interactive software. The website operates within the context of the market that in which government policies are implemented. It advertises on websites including search engines and clinical sites. The basis of the charge of the advertisement depends on the channel on which the advertisement is run. The competition in advertising on high-impact mediums such as search engines have resulted in Med Net compromising on several key aspects of the advertisement. The management considers the niche sites for advertisement against advertising on large search engines which could give a better return on the advertising investment.

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Questions Covered

Mednet.com’s Board of Directors seems diametrically opposed to the 3 proposed solutions. Come up with an alternative strategy for increasing growth and profitability that fits with the Board’s goals, preferences and philosophies. Goals:

• To provide scientifically based medical information to a non-professional consumer audience

• To provide this information for free

• To generate profits from advertising sales. Board philosophies:

• Independence

• Only FDA-approved information and products (no alternative medicine focus)