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Merrill Lynch Supernova Case Solution

Case Solution

Supernova is the name given to another approach to oversee customer connections that began in the Merrill Lynch Indianapolis workplaces. Amid a trial period, Supernova produced great results among money related consultants and their clients, however tested the conventional routes in which budgetary counsels were compensated and the way of the association with their customers. The case hero needs to choose whether to prescribe a national rollout for Supernova.

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Questions Covered

What does Supernova offer to Merrill-Lynch?  Does Merrill-Lynch need Supernova to be successful or grow in the future?

What is Supernova and how is it different from traditional financial advising models?  What is the value proposition for customers?

What changes were required to implement the Supernova process—for FAs?  For Merrill-Lynch itself? What were the risks and potential benefits for both?

Paint a picture of a Financial Advisor’s day using the Supernova process.  How is this different from typical day under the old process?

How would you recommend Merrill-Lynch as a company proceed in rolling out Supernova?  What are the challenges and hurdles that must be overcome for it to succeed?  How can they overcome these challenges?