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Metso IT Globalization Case Solution

Case Solution

The leading producer of paper machines in the world, Mesto Paper has the aim to convert itself to a company that provides knowledge solutions to the paper industry. The aim is to make use of IT to do so. In 2002, the company’s projects department’s executive was part of a brainstorming session to increase the production of the paper machines and improve the supply process. The company is considering its options to other businesses since the industry has low growth rates. These businesses would be related to the paper industry. The company considers its most productive and competitive IT department to explore new business options. The case protagonist and his team have to devise strategies to utilize their IT services to increase the competencies of the organization.

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Questions Covered

1. How did TASMAN become strategically important?

2. How did management attitudes and decisions regarding IT facilitate the transformation of Metso from a local metal factory to a global, high technology manufacturer?

3. How did the company measure the impact of IT over the course of time?