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Monmouth Inc Case Abstract

The administrative group of Mammoth Inc. is mulling over on the off chance that it can purchase the Robertson Tool Company and the value that the buyout would result in. Valuation for the task could be figured utilizing various techniques, which incorporate a DCF with WACC examination, sway on EPS and market products. The case will likewise involve that the student considers how the proposition ought to be chalked out and put without hesitation. Key ideas secured include Acquisition, DCF Analysis, Market Multiples Analysis, and Revenue Forecasting, Margin Improvement, Valuation, EPS Analysis, Stock Offer, Weighted Average Cost of Capital, and Bidding Contest.

Monmouth Inc Case Excel Calculations

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

EBIAT, Free Cash Flows, PV of Cash Flows, Terminal Value (W-1), Total Value of the Company

Total Value of Equity, Intrinsic Price per Share

Working 1: Terminal Value Calculation, PV of Terminal Value

Cost of Capital Calculation 

 Cost of Debt Calculation, Cost of Equity Calculation


Multiples-based Valuation

EBIAT Multiple, Price/Earnings, Share Price 

Monmouth Inc Case Questions Answers

What is the maximum price that Monmouth can afford to pay, based on a discounted cash flow valuation? calculation of WACC and terminal value determination? Based on market multiples of EBIAT?

Why is Simmons eager to sell its position to Monmouth for $50 per share? What are the concerns of and alternatives for each of the other groups of Robertson shareholders?

What offer would you make in an effort to gain the support of the Robertson family and the great majority of the stockholders, while improving the long-term trend of Monmouth’s earnings per share over the next five years?

If you were Mr. Vincent, executive vice president of Monmouth, Inc., would you try to gain control of Robertson Tool in May 2003?

The administration of Monmouth asked advice on how to design, as well as the implement, which was successful bid for the purchase of tools Robertson.

What or how would your advice? Please justify your answer.

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