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Moore Medical Corp Case Solution

Case Solution

Moore Medical has based its communication on traditional channels such as phones and catalogs to inform the customers about its offerings and promotional discounts. It also takes product orders through the same channels. The company is medium sized, and it deals in medical supplies to medical physicians. The company has attempted to shift its communication to the internet. The company has invested in the ERP system and other e-commerce channels. However, the ERP system failed to attain the expectations of the company. The decision revolves around the investment in new communication technologies including software for consumer relationship management.

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Questions Covered

1. Should Moore purchase the demand planning module and why or why not? Remember to apply and refer to case specifics and concepts learned in pre-reading.

2. What is your assessment of Exhibit 8: Report on Customer Relationship Management System, which presumably was the basis for a request forproposal to Clarify? Be specific and explain each point using case facts/specifics and pre-reading concepts.