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Mountain Lumber Company Case Solution

Case Solution

In 1998, Mountain Lumber Company incorporated a performance measurement and benefit framework for all organization’s employees. Workings of the framework by company divisions for the managerial as well as non-managerial positions are given, and students are required to assess and analyze the framework in relation to the company’s overall strategy. The case introduces the students towards assessingimportant success elements and chalking out performance measures for effectivelyincorporatingthe company’s strategy, connecting performance measures to monetary motivations, highlighting potential unplanned resultsof performance-evaluationframeworks, and chalking out compensating control designs to dissuade those actions.

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Questions Covered

What does a product manager do?

What's wrong with the current system of performance management?

Are the proposed changes an improvement?

Is the proposed system conceptually sound? Is it feasible/ practical?

How would you implement the proposal? What changes would you make to the plan?