Mountain Man Brewing Co Bringing the Brand to Light Case Solution

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Case Solution

At the point when students have the English-dialect PDF of this Brief Case in a course pack, they will likewise have the alternative to buy a sound adaptation. Chris Prangel, a late MBA graduate, has returned home to West Virginia to deal with the advertising operations of the Mountain Man Beer Company, a family-claimed business he stands to acquire in five years. Mountain Man blends only one brew, Mountain Man Lager, otherwise called "West Virginia's brew" and prevalent among hands on specialists. Because of changes in lager consumers' taste inclinations, the organization is currently encountering declining deals without precedent for its history. Accordingly, Chris needs to dispatch Mountain Man Light, a "light brew" plan of Mountain Man Lager, in the trust of drawing in more youthful consumers to the brand. Nonetheless, he experiences resistance from senior supervisors. Mountain Man Lager's image value is a key resource for Mountain Man Brewing Company. The inquiry is whether Mountain Man Light will upgrade it, cheapen it, or irreversibly harm it.

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Questions Covered

What has made MMBC successful? What distinguishes MMBC from its competitors?

What has caused MMBC to decline even though it has a strong brand?

What are the pros and cons for MMBC to consider concerning introduction of a light beer?

Should MMBC launch Mountain Man Light? What is required for this brand to break even in two years?

What other strategic options does Chris have if Mountain Man Light is not launched or is unsuccessful? 

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