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Case Solution

This case demonstrates a wallet manufacturer’s utilization of seven Internet marketing technologies: display ads, algorithmic search, sponsored search, social media, interactive content, online distributors, and A/B testing. It allows brief insights into the core workings of every innovation, and solicits which forms from online promotions the organization ought to settle later on. Likewise talks about likenesses and differences that are present between online and offline advertising, as well as concerns of assessing and reviewing a marketing campaign.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

What should Kiril focus on next? What should be his lowest priority? Why?

Evaluate Big Skinny's sponsored search strategy. Are there any search keywords for which you would encourage Big Skinny to increase its bid? To lower its bid?

How effectively is Big Skinny using social media to sell its wallets?

Should Big Skinny expand its partnerships with online distributors?

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