Online Marketing at Big Skinny Case Solution

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Online Marketing At Big Skinny Case Study Overview

This case shows a wallet maker's use of seven Internet showcasing advancements: show advertisements, algorithmic pursuit, supported inquiry, web-based life, intelligent substance, online merchants, and A/B testing. It permits brief bits of knowledge into the center operations of each advancement and requests which structures from online advancements the association should settle later on. In like manner, the case discusses resemblances and contrasts that are available among on the online and offline marketing and promoting, along with the challenges of assessing and investigating a marketing campaign. Download case study analysis, solution, and examination in Word Doc, Ppt or PDF document with excel support.

Case Details

Industry: Media & telecommunications, Online retail

Geography Location: United States

Case Study Analysis Excel Calculation

Case Study Solved Questions Answers

What should Kiril focus on next? What should be his lowest priority? Why?

Evaluate Big Skinny's sponsored search strategy. Are there any search keywords for which you would encourage Big Skinny to increase its bid? To lower its bid?

How effectively is Big Skinny using social media to sell its wallets?

Should Big Skinny expand its partnerships with online distributors?

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