Playa Dorada Tennis Club Expansion Strategy Case Solution

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Playa Dorada Tennis Club Analysis Summary

An English-language PDF of the case study in the accompanying academic materials will enable the undergraduates/graduates with the chance to purchase an audio file too. Playa Dorada Beach and Resort in Boca Raton, Florida, receives a high seasonal demand for tennis accommodations. The amount of guests is likely to increase exponentially in a future couple of years, based on the fact that though the tennis offices are notable and promoted strategically at the retreat, the court space is still constrained and confined. The official of tennis activities analyzes court limit, past use, pricing and expenses, and various other parts as he accumulates an arrangement for further improvement. He ought to similarly think about how his method impacts various divisions of the Playa Dorada Corporation, including cash, tasks, promoting, and deals. Might he be able to change the hotel's tennis tasks into a rewarding division? To prepare for case dialogue, the students will be required to complete a quantitative appraisal of past and expected future use of the tennis workplaces and plan an improvement method. Subjects Include Service Management, Operations Management, Aggregate Planning, Capacity Planning, Pricing Strategy, Production Controls, Seasonal Demand and Resort Management.

Playa Dorada Tennis Club Case Excel Calculations


Playa Dorada Tennis Club Case Solved Questions Answers

Do you agree with Douglas Hall’s assessment that March and April of 2007 will find PD Tennis at capacity? Show some supporting calculations.

Forecast the number of courts needed in March and April of 2007 and 2008. (Assume the growth rate stays the same). How do these requirements compare to the present capacity?

Should additional courts be built? Develop an economic justification for your answer.

Besides building new courts, list three other alternatives that may be used to increase capacity. Evaluate each alternative in detail.

Strategically, should tennis be treated as a cost center. Why or why not.

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