Positioning the Tata Nano A Case Solution

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Case Solution

This case is based on positioning. The subject of the case being Tata Nano, a car that had to be priced at Rs. 1 lakh. The publicity had been done as the world’s cheapest car. However, there was a gap between the claimed value of the car and the target audience. The distribution and the inadequate capacity in selecting a target audience presented challenges for the company. The students must make a decision based on the competition and the differences. The case is divided into two parts. One being the launch of the car in 2009 and the other point of the decision being 18months after the initial launch where the company is faced with the same issues. 

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Questions Covered

1- Illustrate the choices made in developing a strong brand positioning and the interrelationship between these choices. select a target and an appropriate competitive frame of reference and point of difference for that target and summarize these elements in a positioning statement.
2- Highlight the importance of making promotion and distribution decisions that are consistent with the positioning.
   a- Nature of the Situation Decision to be Made.
   b- Alternatives Analysis of Alternatives (pros and cons) Quantitative Qualitative.
   c- Recommendation

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