RJR Nabisco Case Solution

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RJR Nabisco Case Study Abstract

Allows undergraduates/graduates to look top managerial staff met in a utilized buyout. RJR Nabisco is esteemed utilizing different working techniques, and the wellspring of benefits in utilized buys is underlined upon. Download directly on contextual investigation examination in Word Doc, Ppt or in PDF document with exceed expectations arrangement.

Case Details

Industry: Food, Tobacco

RJR Nabisco Case Excel Calculation

Prebid operating strategy, MG operating strategy, KKR operating strategy

 Calculating present value of cash flows 1989-1998

 Calculating terminal value

 Grand NPV

 Calulating Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

 Calculating Cost of Equity

 Calculating Cost of Debt


 Total Value of RJR Nabisco

 Per share value

RJR Nabisco Case Study Solved Questions Answers

1. What was the value of RJR Nabisco under:

 a) the pre-bid operating strategy?

 b) the Management Group’s operating strategy?

 c) KKR’s operating strategy?

You need to conduct detailed valuation using the information given in the exhibits for each strategy and general information in the case

2. What accounts for any difference in the value of the three  operating plans?

3. Evaluate the Special Committee’s use of an auction of RJR  Nabisco?

4. Which bid should the Special Committee select, if any? What  other actions should the Special Committee take?

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