RSSWorks Inc An Early Stage Investment Case Solution

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Case Solution

This case is based on the development of a business model for RSS Works. The company is seeking for externalfinances for the first time. The company had been financed by the owner previously. The case describes the struggles of a new company and its exploration of new options for funding. This case also highlights the importance of the consideration of the requirements and wants of the founders. The case also includes the idea of an eco-system for IT companies. It highlights its importance in the determination of the company’s success or failure. Also, the concept of cheap financing is discussed.

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Questions Covered

1- Try first to acquire a quick sense of the whole case. 
2- If this is a case requiring a decision, who is the key decision maker? What decision does s/he have to make? What are the objectives of the decision maker? 
3- Try to identify the key problems/issues on a piece of paper. Then go through the case again. Are there concepts from the textbook that will help you analyze the entrepreneurial situation? 
4- What are the possible courses of action for the decision maker? Endeavor to identify and rank alternative actions. What are the likely short and long-term consequences of the policies that you have identified? 
5- Make a recommendation. Your recommendation should be realistic, actionable, and supported by analysis (including numerical where appropriate). Finally, your recommendation should consider implementation: how should the entrepreneur carry out your suggestions, when they should do it, and how. You should address downsides of the recommendation.

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