Raleigh & Rosse: Measures to Motivate Exceptional Service Case Solution

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Case Solution

This case describes the situation of 2010 when a retailer of luxury products, Raleigh and Rosse is being prosecuted for the encouragement of after-office hours. The other concern is centered at the performance control systems which is based on the time being spent and not on service quality. Also, this encouragement has led the company to face several consequences. This management system was once considered to be the core factor for the success of the retailer. The case shows the downfall of a rapidly growing company because of no central authority, and the distortion of performance control systems.

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Questions Covered

1- What is the cause of the problems described in the case? How serious are these problems? How would you quantify the potential financial risk to R&R?
2- Are R&R employees pressured inappropriate by the sales-per-hour system, by management, by their peers?
3- How effective is the memo reproduced as Case Exhibit #4 in clarifying the distinction between "sell" and "nonsell" time?
4- How would you redesign compensation and performance appraisal systems at R&R? Consider whether SPH is an effective measure of customer satisfaction and how well R&R's HR policies are fully aligned with its business strategy.
5- Recommend 2-3 strategies for improving motivation, based on the reading thus far in this course (Pink and others) and your own research and reflection. Support your strategies with properly cited sources. Your submission should follow APA guidelines for format and citation of sources.

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