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Case Solution

This case discusses the aspects of power that change in the company when the best of its employee threatens to exit the company. The main factor that the case focuses on are the human resources functions of attracting potential candidates, hiring, and retaining best performers through compensations and leverages.  It states the struggle of a manager to replace a very efficient performer in case that they leave the organization. The students are presented with four students each with different backgrounds, attitudes, aspirations, and past performances. Other factors that need to be considered in selecting the correct candidate are the organizational factors such as the organizational culture, performance control systems, and strategies.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

1- Are any of these candidates what I’m looking for? 
2- How much would each of them cost the firm? 
3- What are their strengths and weaknesses?
4- Who’s the best fit? At what price? 
5- What about Rina? She’s been doing a decent job so far. Should she be considered?

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