Reed Supermarkets A New Wave of Competitors Case Solution

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Case Solution

Reed Supermarkets is a top of the line market chain with set-ups in a number of Midwestern states. Meredith Collins, VP of marketing, visits stores in Columbus, Ohio, a critical locale with the biggest business sector and the highest influence on profit growth. She is worried about expanded rivalry from dollar stores and limited-collection stores offering low, lucrative prices. Reed's market research and studies demonstrate that as a consequence of the financial downturn, customer loyalty is diminishing and shoppers are willing to go to numerous stores to get the best price deals. Collins must choose whether to change the present marketing and positioning strategy with an end goal to enhancing the slice of the pie in the market in order to meet the tough corporate targets. Her choices consist of withdrawing from price rivalry and concentrating on quality or implementing more private-label brands and vying all the more forcefully on the price factor. She can likewise keep up the present positioning and attract those customers who are looking for a quality shopping feel. The case contains an implied quantitative task that educators can underscore to the degree they desire.

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Questions Covered

Background 2

Problem Statement 3

SWOT Analysis. 3

Strengths. 4

Weaknesses. 4

Opportunities. 5

Threats. 5

Marketing Strategy analysis. 6

Competitor analysis. 6

Analysis of BrandinG Strategy. 7

Recommended Strategy. 7

Marketing Strategy. 7

Branding Strategy. 8

Competitor Straetgy. 8

Conclusion  8

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