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Case Solution

Sales Brain is a marketing research company which bases its reseach on neuroscience. The chief officer of the company has received a request for advice from a company based in California, USA. The company is named DTI and provides technology solutions to the people in Utah, USA. The company has not been successful in communicating its core offerings to its customers. The customers include newspaper publishing. The issue is that the communication is based on technical terms that seem complex to the publishers. The issues with the sales department not being constant have also raised issues with the customers. DTI requires some convincing claims to make to its customers to present its technology offerings. It also requires sales procedures that can be implemented to all salespeople. Sales Brain is a company which is experienced in there processes.

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Questions Covered

1- Nature of the Situation
2- Decision to be made
3- Alternatives
4- Analysis of Alternatives
5- Recommendation

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