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Satelite Distribuidora de Petroleo Case Solution

Case Solution

SAT is a gas supply company based in Brazil. The owner, Alecrim has planned growth for the company but does is faced with financial constraints. His decision is to approach an equity firm based in America to raise the funds. The challenges that Alecrim faces in this situation are to be discussed. A practical business model must be developed for the company’s future proceedings.

Excel Calculations

 Balance Sheet (R$ thousands)

 Income Statement (R$ thousands)


Ratio Analysis

 Ratio Analysis For past five Years

 Ratio Analysis for next Ten years


SAT Pro-forma Financial Statements (in constant Brazilian Reals)

 Pro forma Balance Sheet (R$ thousand)




 Change in Net Working Capital Calculations

 Capital Expenditure Calculations

 Free Cash Flow Calculations

Questions Covered

1- Abstract

2- Strengths and Weaknesses of SAT

3- Strengths and Weaknesses of DOI Ltd.

4- Investment Appraisal from SAT point of view

5- Investment Appraisal from DOI Ltd point of view

6- The Role of Future Mergers and Acquisitions