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Case Solution

An English-language PDF of this Brief Case in an academic course pack will allow the students with the opportunity to buy an audio form as well. Saxonville Sausage, a $1.5 billion producer of pork sausage items, is encountering financial challenges because its top product lines have recently led to decreasing income generation ion in saturated product categories that show no signs of development. However, one particular product line, known as Vivio, has lately demonstrated increased revenue growth, imitating the growth in the nationwide Italian sausage industry. Sadly, however, Vivio forms only 5% of the company’s total income spread. Ann Banks, an experienced marketing executive, has been employed with the task of developing Vivio – which is currently available in a few cities, specifically in the northeastern US – into a strong national brand..Details the procedures that Ann undertakes in order to chalk out the best positioning stand for the brand. These procedures include assessing and putting to use certain skills and techniques for researching consumer demands, expectations, and values. The findings from the research led ann to construct a motivation-centered profile of the potential consumer segments; gleaning new idead from the functional team of colleagues for Vivio’s ‘alteration’ ,packaging and other , and important factors in the branding design; and consequently, deciding between two final positioning strategies that are equally appealing and substantial.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

1. What is the current situation?

2. How was the research methodology determined? Develop a research design and explain what behaviors, demographics and lifestyle components you deem important and why?

3. What were the research results? Select two different positioning territories identified in exhibit 6. Trace back through the case, using exhibit 4 and other embedded information, to rationalize the development of these territory ideas. Alternative question: what might a positioning “Ladder” look like for each of the two “finalist” Italian sausage positioning? 

4. What alternative do you recommend and why?

5. What tactics should accompany the product launch?

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