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Six Principles of Effective Global Talent Management Case Solution

Case Solution

This case examined the challenges that the conglomerate companies face in order to acquire and retain human talent. The companies chosen for this case were from a wide array of industries. General Electric, Shell, IKEA, Samsung, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, and Infosys were the subjects of the analysis presented in this case.

The managers of these companies had two views on evaluating and managing talent. One group of managers said that a number of employees possessed more value and had more potential as compared to others. The corporations should focus on their development and invest in these human resources. The second group of managers believed that a high-level of attention and appreciation of the top employees meant damaging the self-esteem of the less talented ones.

The key HR functions such as recruitment, development, management of performance, and rewards are important. But picking the best talent does not mean that only these practices are implemented. The case identified six principles on which companies acquire competitiveness in talent.

1) Strategic Alignment

2) Internal Steadiness

3) Resonation with the organizational culture

4) Involvement of management

5) Balancing needs globally and locally

6) Branding the employer by differentiating from other employees

Therefore, it can be concluded that adopting the best practices does not necessarily mean gaining the competitive advantage on talent.

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