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Case Solution

This case describes the challenges and struggles involved in developing a clean technology project to change the regulatory and the competitive situation. There are several decisions which the students face throughout the case. The students are required to critically analyze and assess the pros and cons of clean technology systems. They are required to assess the Canadian market for these systems. Also, the case being centered on Canada presents the prioritization of the policies of the government related to the environment. The students are required to debate on the interdependent relationship between the officers and the disruptors. This case also requires supporting the new clean technology strategy with a rapidly transforming technological, regulatory, and competitive environment. It also includes a discussion of the roles of the officials and the disruptive businesses in the information imparted regarding the climate change.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

1- What`s the problem?

2- What are the alternatives and recommendations (reasoning on why you chose the recommendation)?

3- What are the possible courses of action for the decision maker?

4- Endeavor to identify and rank alternative actions.

5- What are the likely short and long-term consequences of the policies that you have identified?

6- Make a recommendation. Your recommendation should be realistic, actionable, and supported by analysis (including numerical where appropriate). Finally, your recommendation should consider implementation: how should the entrepreneur carry out your suggestions, when they should do it, and how. You should address downsides of the recommendation.

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