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Strategic Crossroads at Matav Case Solution

Case Solution

This case is based on Matav, a leading communications company in Hungary. The case covers the historical context of the organization. In 2004, Hungary was integrated into the EU. Matav was developing a strategic plan for its future. The company was privatized in 1993 and since then, it has changed drastically in the structure, culture, and strategy. 15 years after this privatization, the company has developed itself into a company providing integrated communication including the internet, transmission of data, mobile services, and landline. The company acquired a latest state-run telecom company. The management believes that the company can profit further by international expansion. The wired telephonic connections business is deteriorating. The mobile market is competitive and 80% of the citizens own a cell phone. The management team has three options. It could expand further in Hungary, it could expand regionally, and also, it has to option to expand the product offerings. The consideration has to be on all the mentioned options.

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