Sydney Water Customer Information and Billing System A Case Solution

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Case Solution

This case is divided into two parts. Each part is based on the same issue, but at different time periods. The company, Sydney Water’s new billing system was facing budget as well as time issues because both had exceeded the planned amount. The end of the completion of this project could not be predicted. Case A is based on the company’s decision on the management and the contractor of the project. The Case B describes the steps taken in this case. The period spans from the initiation of the project to its trial. The case includes the topics of the management of risk in the company’s perspective and the risk faced by IT. The issues of governance can also be observed in this case.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

1. Why have there been delays and cost overruns in the CIBS project?

2. Who is responsible for these problems and why?

3. What should Sydney Water do now with the project? Explain.

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