Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America A Case Solution

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Case Solution

After eighteen months of introducing Nickelodeon Latin America, GMTaran Swan is required to bid farewell to the firm's Miami headquarters and move back to her home in NewYork owning to the complications in her pregnancy. Being restricted from traveling for the next half-year, Swan must determine a way through which she would be able to control and lead the channel from New York. Should she place a temporary leader in Miami, and if yes, who amongst her team should she nominate? What modifications will be required of her leadership methods and style, and her working relations with the team? The case details the channel's introduction and the initial 18 months of broadcast, emphasizing on how Swan brings her team together and chalks the firm's culture.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

1. What grade would you give Taran Swan for her leadership of the Nick Latin America initiative?

2. How would you describe her leadership approach?

3. What does she do best? What, if any, weaknesses do you see?

4. What are the most important challenges she faces at the end of the case? What should she do about them? Should she appoint someone as interim?

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