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Teradyne Corporation The Jaguar Project Case Solution

Case Solution

Teradyne is planning to implement systemized project management methods. It is a large manufacturer of test equipment of semiconductors. It plans to enhance its product development. The case is based on the development of a new tester which is an integration of hardware as well as software. For the manufacture of this product, the company implemented new project management systems and assigned new teams. The case includes the assessment of the efficiency of these approaches. It also consists of the discussion of the management of the product’ development.

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Questions Covered

1- Compare and contrast Teradyne’s traditional project execution strategy with the approach used on Jaguar—what was similar? What was different?

2- What impact did the project management tools have on the Jaguar project? How did they change behavior? How did they influence performance? How critical is Jaguar project for Teradyne’s competitive strategy?

3- What unintended consequences did Teradyne experience in using the project management tools? What lessons should Teradyne take away from the Jaguar project?

4- What development strategy was chosen to meet this need? Present strengths and weaknesses of the strategy.

5- The Jaguar project involved both hardware and software. Should the same project management methodology have been used for both? Why or why not?

6- Why do you think the software challenge was larger than anticipated for   Teradyne? 

7- What value proposition is Teradyne presenting to its customers?   Does it resonate with its customers’ needs?

8- What changes do you recommend for the future product development projects?

9- Critique the team, its organization, and its leaders.

10- What do you think of the Project Execution Strategy Matrix shown in exhibit 3? Is a “heavyweight” project team the right approach for project/task governance? Why?

11- Does the phase gate process in exhibit 2 ensure that the “voice of the customer” is

heard at each phase of the development process? Why?

12- How firm are the decisions that are made at each gate?

13- What are the residual risks in Teradyne’s process?

14- Do u agree with the decision of Teradyne to accept all possible conditions from Alpha Tec? Why?