The Greek Crisis Tragedy or Opportunity Case Solution

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Case Solution

The National Geographic society is faced with a decision to devise a plan to fulfill the 121-year old aim. The aim is to accelerate the world to converge digitally and to decrease the sales of the magazines. The CEO. John Fahey has been a supporter of transformational change. His next move is the development of a department headed by a senior manager to develop a strategically integrated e-commerce approach. It would include a web-based approach and the communication to the various departments of the society. The previous efforts included direct mail. Under this new strategy that is planned to be integrated. This strategy would influence its magazine purchasers. This strategy has led to a discussion within the organization with some favoring and some opposing the strategy. Fahey is faced with a dilemma .

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Questions Covered

1- What do you see as the main sources of the Greek crisis?

2- Evaluate the domestic and international response to the crisis. Did being in the Euro help or hurt?

3- How do you judge the scenarios from here? Can Greece make it?

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