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The Springfield Nor easters Maximizing Revenues in the Minor Leagues Case Solution

Case Solution

An English-language PDF of this Brief Case in an academic course pack will allow the students with the opportunity to buy an audio form as well. The marketing and promotional director of a novice minor-league baseball team must architect, carry-out, and then predict survey study to establish the best ticket pricing which will allow high turnout numbers in the audience and add to the owner’s aim of breaking even in the very first year of the games. The pricing task becomes more exciting and perplexing when other elements, such as discount profits are taken into account. Students are required to finish a numerical task as a component of the case analysis; but they must ponder over and consider the qualitative aspects as well.

Excel Calculations

Survey Findings, Scenario Analysis/ Pricing Plan, Results Analysis

Questions Covered

What were the most important findings of the research survey work conducted by the League Sports Association and by Larry Buckingham? What did Buckingham learn about customer profile, pricing, and the differences in single tickets and season ticket packages?

What should the Nor’easter evaluate as strategically relevant factors in arriving at an optimal pricing policy?

Design a ticket pricing plan for the Nor’easters first season. Be very specific, and explain the assumptions, especially assumptions of cause and effect, that underlie your strategy. 

Using the pricing plan you have designed and given Buckingham’s assumptions about concession sales, will the team reach breakeven in the first year?

What are the environmental factors which may impact the forecasts? In future years what changes in the ticket pricing categories can be recommended to enhance revenues?