The Squeaky Horn Case Solution

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Case Solution

This case gives students the chance to practice difference examination for a yearly working arrangement utilizing adaptable planning abilities. Initial, a static spending plan is flexed to represent changes in item volume. At that point, real results are contrasted with the flexed spending plan and investigated for item value, effectiveness, and different differences. Moreover, the case takes into consideration talk in respect to how adaptable spending plans can be utilized for administration choice making, and how different pay structures can influence money related results.

Excel Calculations

Planned and Actual Jobs               

Planned and Actual Prices               

Planned and Actual costs

Differences between the Actual and Planned

Difference between Planned and Actual Statement           

The New Budgeted Income Statement for 4,405 Jobs   

Reconciliation of Planned profit with the Actual Profit 

Questions Covered

Conceptually, what specific factors are likely to explain the difference between planned and actual results for the Squeaky Horn?

Prepare a revised budget with all prior planning assumptions retained, but use the total actual number of jobs the Squeaky Horn worked on (i.e., 4,405).

Prepare a profit reconciliation of planned versus actual profit by quantifying, in dollar terms, all significant contributing factors. (Hint: What did you identify in question 1?)

How do the different compensation arrangements at the Squeaky Horn impact profits?

What changes should Decker and his partners make based on the results of your analysis?

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