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UnME Jeans Branding in Web 2 0 Case Solution

Case Solution

This case gives an insight into the emerging Web 2.0 social media in virtual worlds, social media platforms, and video sharing mediums and avenues, and encourages students to investigate the chances and threats that brands face with them. The case encourages students to ponder over the critical planning and tactical decisions that are enveloped in the marketing communications strategy and to unite data pertaining to consumer behavior with a comprehension of brand goals so as to review and examine novice social media options. Brand manager Margaret Foley is confronting inexorably complex media circumstances in which her conventional media arrangement, which emphasized on TV, print, and radio publicizing, has turned out to be less influential because of decreasing audiences, expanded promotional and marketing clutter, and consumer tuning out. She is looking into emerging Web 2.0 social media options to figure out whether they can better accomplish her marketing and promotional goals. She must struggle to swift through the publicity around the Web 2.0 and assess the social media’s viability for her brand by exploring deeply the consumer demands, expectations and behaviors that lie at the roots of the progress related to the Web 2.0 advancements.

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Questions Covered

1. What, if any, of the three social media plans should Foley pursue? Why?

2. What benefits would Foley gain from each of the three social media plans? What risks does each entail? How can Foley better reap the benefits and mitigate the risks of each of the programs?

3. How should Foley integrate social media into her traditional media plans? Should Foley take money out of traditional media (television, magazine, radio, Internet banner and search ads) to fund her social media programs? Why or why not?

4. How should Foley measure the results of her social media plans? Which media metrics are best and least suited for a Web 2.0 world?

5. Is UnME Jeans the right or wrong type of brand and/or product for Web 2.0? Why? What advantages does the brand have in this new cultural world? What disadvantages does it have?

6. How well do the social media plans address the emerging challenges of the rapidly changing media environment outlined in the case? What can you change in the social media plans to make them more effective for UnME’s target consumers?

7. What will you do for positioning this brand in the customer’s mind? What are your effective branding strategies for UnME?