Weve Got Rhythm Medtronic Corps Cardiac Pacemaker Business Case Solution

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Case Solution

Demonstrates how a freshsupervisory team at Medtronic's Cardiac Pacemaker business turned around a sharpfall in market share through incorporating specific management rules for novel product development: a clear plan, combining project designs and plans, facilitating the number of tasks to match growth capability, and ascertaining platform/derivative product frameworks, and others. This case is beneficial in both MBA courses as well as executive programs.

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Questions Covered

1. What are the causes, both external and internal, that led to the deterioration in Medtronic’s position in pacemakers in the 1970s and 1980s? 

2. Identify the improvements in the new product development process that the Medtronic management team implemented and the linkages amongst them. 

3. Describe how Medtronic “made” decisions early in its life, and how it “makes” decisions at the end of the case.  It is important to be specific in the process, flow and structures that influence how decisions are made. 

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