Zipcar Refining the Business Model Case Solution

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Case Solution

This case study is further facilitated by a video that can be played in the class or be made a part in a digital course pack. Teachers should be careful about ensuring that the video is available for the students as when needed by the course design as it divulges key information pertaining to the case. Zip-car in an entrepreneurial venture based on the concept of ‘sharing’ car utilization through a membership company. This case captures a number of business approaches and financial plans implemented by Zipcar. These include one of the initial approaches and an approach that was chalked up right before the introduction of the business. Data from the initial months of operations is also included. Student are encouraged to assess the core economics and business approach for the start-up, and to identify how the assumptions continue to play an integral role as the business continues.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

What is the purposeful innovation of Zipcar?

What is the business model?

How has it changed over time?

What does the data indicate about the business model’s effectiveness?

What are the pros and cons of a for-profit and non-profit model for an organization like Zipcar?

How should Chase react to the operating results?

Prepare an elevator pitch for Zipcar

Why do you believe the founder left? 

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