How To Write A Case Study Solution Introduction Example With Thesis Statement?

  • March 09, 2020
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  • Adriana Patrick

We just have to prepare an introduction for a case study, sounds quite easy, right? Well, even this short introduction necessitates analytical skills, which aren’t an active part of students nowadays. New learners usually feel paranoid when they get an assignment similar to this one. They have to prepare the whole case study paper, and finding solutions to questions contained in the article is not an easy job, but in some cases, you have to present the most suitable explanations for the discussed issues.

Most likely, the problems are related to business, and you have to conduct thorough research to fill the paper with suitable solutions. In the end, you have to come up with the best explanation putting your research work to use.

How To Write A Case Study Solution Introduction
Write A Case Study Solution Introduction

So, let’s find out how you can enhance your writing skills and bring clarity to your case study writing through introduction:


The most effective way to structurize your case study solution is, to begin with doing some spadework. If you are not well-prepared for what you are about to write, then you will never be able to add information in the correct segments of the page. Students make a big mistake in this section of the page, where they don’t arrange things according to the required format.

You can follow the structure displayed on this page to bring the proper formation to our case study. If you have already prepared a paper, then it is better to read it again and again. It will enable you to find problems like sentence structure, relevance, and is it good enough to connect with the previously written words or not. Check if your composed case study introduction follows the outline shown below:

  • Problem Recognition

For example, if a business is not being able to provide unwavering revenue or who is in competition. Questions like “how to” & “What to do” aren’t part of this section. It would help if you only wrote about the raised issued nothing else.

  • Causes of Problems

There can be several reasons for this issue; it can be due to marketing strategy, poor manufacturing quality or suppliers are not keeping up with the sequence.

  • Preparing A Sketch

When you are composing a case study solution, this is the section that assists in maintaining the whole structure of the case study format. You can go through a few case study examples with solution if it’s feasible for you.

  • Putting Together The Finest Solutions

This is the part where you will use your cognitive skills and think of the optimum solution to the problems discussed. What will be your course of action on how to eradicate the negative effect of the situation? This is the part that should be engaging and where readers must find clarity; if they don’t see it appealing, then get ready to receive some adverse remarks.

Students try to find answers to these questions on the internet, but it is not an easy job, and sometimes they try to compare their solutions with the ones developed by experts, which is also not the right thing to do. All assignments serve different purposes and are utilized to check the capabilities of a student. So, even if the solutions proposed by you are different than the ones suggested by professionals, then don’t worry, you are still a student and do not have that amount of experience.

How to write a case study solution introduction example

When you are done with collecting and structuring data, you will need to focus on identifying the major issue. The intro summary doesn’t have to be more than two or three lines, and it is essential to let the readers know about what you are going to discuss beneath. To follow the formation rule of case study, you can check the one given below:

  • Introduction & Background data

The intro is the section where you describe the problem in a few words, whereas in background data, it is imperative to make an addition of how you conducted your research and how factual your data is.

  • Alternatives

Let the readers know why some substitute solutions to the problem weren’t accepted and why some were.

  • Solution

Add the solution that you think must be discussed, and according to you is the best method to solve the problem. Also, it is essential to add why you are suggesting that method if you somehow can’t give an explanation for the suggested solution then your research work is incomplete.

  • Recommendations

Discuss the methods that can be applied to put the discussed solution to use. Make sure to add a proper scheme on how to carry out the solution to the discussed problem. If you have any other ideas, then mention them as well.

Write a case study solution introduction example
Write A Case Study Solution Introduction

Now, it is entirely up to you how you want to arrange the sections. If you are going to go with the complete outline, then you can, but it also depends on the requirements set by your instructor. So, this is how you can generate a case study analysis or find the perfect way to write an introduction. If you are done working on your case study, then make sure to proofread, re-read, and find any room for improvements because a beginner always misses some details.

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