Meaningful Ways Of How To Write A Dissertation?

  • February 26, 2020
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  • Evelyn Holmes

As far as the research is concerned, Ph.D. is the best platform to conduct it. While conducting research in your doctoral studies, you get a chance not only to gather knowledge but to play your part in the betterment of this world in terms of your topic. But, every study isn’t prepared to conduct his/her research or to write a dissertation. As we all know, Ph.D. is the highest level of education, which is why you need to tick all the boxes of research and dissertation in order to get your doctoral degree. If you think you can do any task at will and you are motivated to study further, we suggest you take admission in an institute and give your talent a platform to make a mark on your own.

If you think of Ph.D. as an elaborative version of a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you are wrong. When you are doing your Ph.D., the grades and overall performance of yourself don’t depend on your home assignments and exams. You need to be spot-on in terms of your research and publications. There will be no classes (maybe sometimes you need to attend a class to get to know about a particular subject) which is why when you complete your master’s degree, you need to understand that doctoral-level studies are going to be entirely different from bachelor’s or master’s level study. If you talk about your success in your doctoral-level studies, your dissertation is smoothing; you need to pay very close attention to it.

In this guide, we’ll let you know all the nitty-gritty in writing a perfect dissertation. We will explain the approaches which are required to write to your dissertation. If you are looking for some sort of guidance in terms of dissertation writing, this guide will be useful for you in many ways. We will try our level best to answer all of your questions through this guide, and if you still want to know anything else, we are here to assist you by all possible means.

How To Write A Dissertation
Write A Dissertation

How Can We Define A Dissertation?

A dissertation is purely a scientific work normally done during a master’s degree, or during the Ph.D. if we compare the dissertation or master’s and Ph.D., there is a hell of a difference as you need to do a lot more research when you are in a doctoral program. As far as the title of a Ph.D. dissertation is concerned, it is a lot more valuable. If you have written a good enough dissertation, you will have the chance to get a suitable job.

What is the general structure of a dissertation?

If you are doing your Ph.D. and you are looking for the assistance to write and structure your dissertation, read this guide, and at the end of this guide, you will be able to write your dissertation on your own. Here is a general structure of a dissertation:

An introduction/ research proposal

This is the first step in writing your dissertation. In this section, you need to state the question you are doing research on, along with some sort of ideas about how you can do it. You need to be responsible when you are writing an introduction for your dissertation. You need to explain your topic effectively. For example, if your dissertation topic is “effect of coconut water on hypertension”, you need to define coconut water scientifically along with the definition of hypertension. Your introduction should have some theoretical basis so you can explain briefly why there is a need for this research.  

A review of literature and methodology

This is one of the crucial most parts of a dissertation. As far as the review of literature is concerned, you need to write the previous work which had been done on your particular topic. Writing a review of literature is an integral part of your dissertation because, on the basis of your review of literature, you will be able to let your audience know what sort of work has been done in the past. Your methodology will also play a significant role in your dissertation. If you manage to write a methodology that can give the desired results, your dissertation will be considered as a successful one.  

Results and discussions

In this section of your dissertation, you need to write about what you have done, how you conducted the research, and what are the results you have obtained. When you get your results, you need to compare them with your literature to prove them significant. It is very legitimate to get significant results because these results can prove your point.

What is the general structure of a dissertation
Write A Dissertation

A dissertation writing tips

We know how decisive a dissertation can be for a student, which is why we come up with some tips that are going to help you in writing your dissertation. Undoubtedly, dissertation writing isn’t a child’s play and is very hectic, but you can follow these tips to make your dissertation an easy writing task for you. Here are some appropriate tips:

Answer the question

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to answer the question (which is your topic). You will be asked a question not only by your professor but by your readers as well that, “why you selected this topic?” and sometimes it can become very difficult to answer this question properly. You need to let them know that you are motivated and passionate about your topic and make them believe that your work has some innovation as well.  

Remain in contact with your supervisor

If you have the luxury to pick a supervisor of your choice, make sure to choose the one who is specialized in the field (according to your topic). If you can’t pick your own supervisor, make sure to remain in contact with him/her to ask for the technicalities of your dissertation. Supervision can do the job for you, not just in terms of writing your dissertation but conducting your research in the right manner.  

Look for a suitable topic

This is a point of your dissertation where you need the guidance of your supervisor to select a topic that can do the job for you. The best way to choose your topic is to make a list of topics and hand over that list to your supervisor. He/she will tell you about the pros and cons of every topic, and then you will be able to select a topic keeping in mind your interest and feasibility. Whenever you think this topic can be useful, do quick research, and look at how much of work has been done on that topic in the past.  

Where to find more ideas

It may seem easy finding a perfect topic, but it is a very time-consuming and irritating part of your dissertation. When you are searching for your ideas related to your topic, you need to look for journals and scientific articles. The internet sources are there are you can search through the internet as well if you are comfortable with that. Never take this step for granted because half of your success depends on your topic.  

Students normally rush through this step. We suggest you remain calm and don’t panic yourself. Start writing your dissertation when you find a topic convenient for you. Finding an interesting topic doesn’t guarantee success because if you, as a student, don’t have an interest in a topic, you can’t do justice with that topic. This is the reason, look for a topic that is interesting as well as easy to handle. It is not suggested to pick random and common topics. The reason for not selecting a common topic is that it will be demanding for you to make it innovative for your readers.  

Organize your work

Even after the successful selection of a topic, most of the students don’t know how to write and what to write in a dissertation. This is where a lot of students get stuck for months trying to find some unique ideas about writing their dissertations. We always recommend students to structure their dissertations. Some of the best examples regarding dissertation writing can be obtained from the internet, and you can look for guidance from those examples. Your university must have records of the dissertation, and you can look for a thesis from your university to seek guidance.  

If you are doing your work in an organized fashion, you will be able to complete your dissertation before the allotted time. At this point, you may be unaware of what to write, but you have the information about where to get your data. If you become good at finding the data relevant to your topic, it will help you a lot in your research. Once you plan your dissertation, there will be no confusion, and you will make an outline for your dissertation that will serve as a road map for you.  

Make important notes

If you find an important piece of information or a link that can help you in the near future, it is suggested to make a file having those pieces of information and links. This will prevent the loss of your data, and you will be able to have your data in the time of need. Moreover, making notes can help you in the future. When you are studying, you find shreds of information which may not be useful at that moment but will prove to be useful in your future. If you are planning to do publications, it is compulsory for you to save that data. We have been guiding students for years, and we have seen students lost their data, which leads them to a failure in their dissertation.

What are the common mistakes in writing a dissertation?

Dissertation writing is very challenging, and there are some common mistakes students make while writing their dissertations. Some of the common mistakes are given below:

Lack of scientific knowledge

This may not sound a very critical issue, but this is one of the biggest most problems of the dissertations. A dissertation is entirely a scientific piece of writing, which is why there has to be scientific information rather than theoretical data. When you are writing a dissertation, you are working on a scientific project. People expect experimental data, and if you provide them with theoretical data, they don’t even care to read your dissertation. It can harm you as a student as well by making your dissertation look laborious.  

Limitations of your method

When you are selecting a method for your dissertation, make sure to apply a method that can prove your points. This is where your creativity will come into play. If you are looking at a template to get help, don’t apply the method of that template even if the topic is similar. Always choose those methods that can give you significant results. This is very decisive.  

If you have applied a method and it doesn’t prove beneficial, don’t afraid to say that the method is not entirely satisfactory. But you need to avoid applying that method in your dissertation even after knowing that the method is going to harm your dissertation.  

Don’t fool your audience

Only that individual will read your dissertation who has a scientific background along with interest in your topic. If you write something which is not real, your reader or your supervisor will be able to point that out, which will decrease the overall integrity of your research.  

 After writing your thesis, you will have to defend that dissertation as well. When you are defending your dissertation, you will have more knowledge than the rest of the students. Try to explain your dissertation truthfully in front of the council and never try to fool them.

We are hoping that this guide has answered all of your questions, and you will be able to write your dissertation flawlessly after reading this guide. If you are still finding it an undoable task, you can get our dissertation writing services, and we will write it for you.

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