How To Write A Compelling Essay Introduction On Any Topic?

  • March 22, 2020
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  • David Fritts

Tips On How To Write An Essay Introduction!

Sometimes good writing skills are not enough, especially when it comes to composing academic tasks. You will need to learn everything about how to write an assignment about a specific topic or subject because writing proficiency is not going to help when you do not have the idea of “how-to” and what the requirements are. This statement becomes true when one has to write an essay following the instructions of the professor. Usually, in higher studies, there are no guidelines because you have learned the art of essay writing in middle school and college life. The problem arises when one has to compose a lengthy article, the learner does not have enough material or have no idea about the topic.

The introduction is a mandatory section of almost all the assignments, and each task has a different condition that needs to be fulfilled in order to get things right. An essay introduction is the starting line of the race, which needs to end following the rules of the type of essay you are going to write. The four kinds of essays, narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive, have the same formatting but different styles. The beginning paragraph of the article must catch the attention of the reader if you fail to get a reader engaged then your writing skills need some extra work.

Tips On How To Write An Essay Introduction!
How To Write An Essay Introduction?

The primary purpose behind writing an essay introduction is to give the idea of what you are going to discuss in the body section of the essay. It is essential to keep the maneuvers energetic, make it brief, and clear, plus also try to:

  • Create a plan before getting into the writing section for any essay.
  • Summarize your findings and writing the sections that can capture the reader's approach.
  • Keep everything crystal clear; do not puzzle the reader with various declarations.

Writing An Essay Introduction Following The Conditions

As mentioned above, every essay type has a different requirement, and it is imperative to follow them precisely in order to compose and format them correctly. You can add questionnaires or stick to providing information about what you are going to discuss in the main body. Still, to make it more compelling, you will need to add a thesis statement in the end that reflects the idea of the topic. Therefore, get a fact or question, to begin with, let the readers know why this topic is important and why they need to read the whole article.

Following academic rules is essential as well; make sure you are following the guidelines set by your instructor. If you use a lot of details in this section, then how are you going to convince the reader to read the entire piece? The below given four main types of essays have different requirements, so try to stick to the points mentioned below:

How to Write An Introduction For Narrative Essay?

It is another word for storytelling; it allows the writers to be a little extra creative and is unlike other academic essays. Although it is written in the same format as all other types, but here you are going to share a tale that can extend a number of assigned words. Moreover, you will need to set a location where the story is going to take place, share the basic idea or the message that you are going to deliver; for example, if you are going to encourage the readers, then keep the tone motivational.

You are writing your feelings, transforming them into words, which is not an easy task for everyone. In addition, you will need to add extra characters in the story, with a unique role, because the tale will be incomplete without a theme, mood, personalities, and of course, plot. So, what happens in the story will be a part of the body section, but what the story is going to contain or is about will be an element of introduction. Just like all other essays, this one will also have a thesis statement, sentences that connect the dots in the story, and a conclusion that ends the action and shares the moral.

How To Write An Introduction For Descriptive Essay?

Time to take a reader into your imagination; this is what the descriptive essay is about, creating a vivid image of the topic in the mind of the person reading it. The primary motive of a descriptive essay is to describe something in a creative manner, it is no doubt similar to narrative essay writing, but here you are not going to put your personal feelings into the act. You are just going to describe a situation or an experience you had, and you will need to share all the tiny details if they have a connection with your central theme.

Sharing your thoughts and opinions is always a good idea; let the reader know what you were thinking. This type of essay contains an object, not a subject because you are going to explain a specific situation, thing, or person. For example, if you are going to write about a character in a particular circumstance, then you will need to share that person’s emotion, reaction, action, place, and situation. Once you are done writing the primary elements required for the essay, start describing them one by one, and you will be able to create an image that can beautify the structure.

How To Write An Introduction For Descriptive Essay?
How To Write An Essay Introduction?

How To Write An Introduction For Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay, as the name suggests, convinces the reader on accepting the writer’s point of view regarding the topic. In other words, it is composed to let the reader know that a particular idea is better, with a valid reason and factual evidence. This type of essay is different; you are going persuade the mind of the readers and make them accept your perspective, it is a challenging task for students of all grades because it takes more than just creative writing and imagination. In addition, you should never involve any personal feelings because that will disturb the primary motive of the essay.

In its introduction, you are going to inform the readers about the situation, what you are thinking, and which side you are going to take, plus why? You are not going to include any facts or figures in this section because you are compelling the reader to read the next segment of the essay. If you do not have much information on the topic, then this is where your research skills will come in handy. So, make sure you have added the background information about your subject matter, and it is ending with a clear thesis statement supporting your argument.

How To Write An Introduction For Expository Essay?

If you were not already aware, the word expository came from exposition (expose), and it is the kind of essay which means you are going to explain or describe. Its main reason for existence is to clarify or explain something in a way that it becomes transparent for the readers. It is helpful in conducting an investigation, assessment, and argumentation about a thought for an explanation. This particular type covers several other kinds of essays like descriptive, process, comparison, contrast, cause/effect, and problems/solution essay.

If you are wondering about the difference between argumentative and expository, then it just clarifies a particular situation, and in an argumentative, facts are necessary. However, you will need to spend some restless nights in order to gather enough information for this essay because you are to provide the reader with a concise explanation. Therefore, to work on its introduction, you are going to talk about your thought regarding the topic, for example, if your essay is about “How to,” then add all the details and why they are necessary. The structure is the same as others; usually, it is based on five paragraphs, so add an appealing tight spot or a question of dispute in the introduction, and let the reader understand the intention of the writer.

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