How to Write an Explanatory Essay – Know Before You Go!

  • January 09, 2020
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Essays are referred to as the papers written by high school and college students to reveal the ability to argue for a given point of view or thesis or to depict the students have enough skills to attain and process the complete information.

A typical assignment writing is said to be as the explanatory or expository essay. An explanatory essay is something that elaborates your opinion on something, a process to flow, the ideas of another person, or also an event that has taken place.

All you need to do is explain your information within a simple manner; means make it easier for the reader to understand instead of criticizing the information or debating its validity. So, take in how to write an explanatory essay. Once you have identified the basic flow of building a well-organized explanatory essay structure, you will be able to write a splendid one!

What is an Explanatory Essay?

The explanatory essay definition: a type of writing in which you have to demonstrate some point of view on a particular topic, situation, or event. This piece of information doesn't necessarily have to be one, which the author agrees with, but remember that it must have some authorized research and logic to make it feasible.

Let's Dig Deeper to Understand Explanatory Writing

Undoubtedly, explanatory essays depict other individual's points of view or provide you with reports of a specific event or situation. These essays are ubiquitous in majors such as history or journalism, with the ease students explore facts and several real circumstances, providing unbiased explanations dependent on facts and evidence.

Typically, if you are deciding to write an explanatory essay, you must be efficient in how to write an explanatory essay like you should decide upon a set topic, and you will readily approach the issue from a specific angle. At the same point, you should have to reveal a point of view of your choice, which sufficiently demonstrates why a particular outcome has reached.

Most authors have a strong belief that they are only defending one side of an argument in a debate, but keep in mind; this is not a legitimate approach!

Well, more specifically, it is said that an explanatory essay is all about elaborating a neutral point of view for the specific topic, this all information is provided you with analysis from research and even logically created self-theory. In simple words, the goal of such a piece of work is to clear up any confusion. Once the essay is finished, the reader must have a clear understanding of the given information, even if they do not agree with it.

How to Structure an Explanatory Essay: Pre-writing Steps

Before sticking to the writing process of an explanatory essay, you should have a deeper understanding of how to write an explanatory essay, how to do proper research and data collection. Means, you ought to get a solid and authorized piece of information. You ought to note down all the essential data from your sources and utilize it as evidence in your essay writing.

Keep in mind; the best approach is that you have to put the information that demonstrates the combination of personal ideas and external data; by doing so, your thoughts are said to be adequately validated. In short, do proper research about your topic and stick to the multiple numbers of sources that assist you in defending your thoughts. If you have enough time, you should read some explanatory essay examples that are written well known writers.

So, read on!

How to Structure an Explanatory Essay
Writing an Explanatory Essay

How to write an explanatory essay: selection of the right topic

Very next, you have to figure out your sources, which means you ought to take a look at the online journals like Google Scholar, or JSTOR. Or additionally, get relevant books in your college library to utilize them as primary sources.

Right after, you need to prepare for research, which means you ought to write down the relevant facts or quotes according to your essay topic. Remember that you have to track the sources, as you have to cite them over time.

Later, you will have to organize your research into a paper outline, means; you ought to the right each and everything that you are going to discussing in your explanatory essay.

Once done, then, you ought to review your material and start writing your well-research explanatory essay.

Well, once you collected the required information, then, the right step is to do an explanatory thesis. Maybe you think that what kind of argument? In simple terms, it is something in which you are going to explain what you will be going to show to your readers. Make sure, at the end of the thesis; you're not criticizing or arguing, just you ought to be stating facts. In straight forward terms, a thesis is something that entirely encapsulates everything you will say in your paperwork and it’s good enough points if you require how to write an explanatory essay outline.

Some Basic Points About Explanatory Essay Outline

Remember that an explanatory essay outline will vary as it all depends on the information you are trying to demonstrate and the length of the topic. However, it also depends on the explanatory essay format. Generally, essays tend to be a page or even two in period; thus, the entire article will be around five paragraphs long.

The introduction for the explanatory essay is something that reveals the subject of discussion to the audience and the explanatory thesis. Right after, the body paragraphs are what you have to follow; then, you ought to back up the thesis statement indulging in logic, facts, statistics, etc.

Finally, you should elaborate more in conclusion; it is something that will assist in summarizing the basic and essential points of your writing and reveals an overall concluding statement. Now, you should have to break down each section into more detail:


Remember that the introduction of an explanatory essay is built-up with the three essential and main components that are said as a hook, background information, and a thesis statement. They are immensely critical as they serve as a gateway for the actual explanatory essay writing.

First of all, the same as the other types of essays, you have to get the audience interested in the piece of information by demonstrating a hook statement. Yes, this can be a significant or interesting fact, relevant quote, or said to be anything that would captivate the attention of audiences.

Right after, you have to represent any correct background information that may not indicate as a general piece of knowledge. This is something that will assist in painting a clear picture of the audience to follow. Once done, you have to make an addition of an explanatory thesis at the end; this is something that fixates the focus of your essay. Experts depict that this will assist in eliminating any confusion that will be discussed in the body of content.

Body Paragraphs

Yes, apart from elaborating your topic very in-depth, the body of content should have at least three paragraphs and each of them with their authorized point of approach. However, the general styles of each body paragraph of an explanatory essay are identical. First of all, you have to elaborate on a topic sentence, which precisely demonstrates what kind of information you will be introducing. At the same time, remember that your conviction should transition the essay from the previous point to the next.

Very next, you have to elaborate on a position, or even you ought to claim that directly supports the thesis. The immensely important thing that you have to remember that the connection is evident; by doing so, the readers can readily connect the dots. Now, you have to mention the evidence that you found from the research you have done earlier. This assists you to validate your claim and even enforce your position.

Finally, you have to demonstrate a concluding statement that helps you summarize the claim's significance according to the thesis statement. So, you should have to stick to this systematic approach three times for each of your requests, as it helps you complete your body of content.


When it comes to writing the outcome, the three main components are said to be crucial to finish explanatory writing properly. Here, first of all, you have to restate the statement of the thesis. This is something that will assist in bringing the reader's attention back towards the significant focal point, apart from it; it also helps in adding strength to your demonstrated point of view.

Very next, it is of immense importance to summarize your three supporting points that you demonstrated into the body content paragraphs accordingly. Make sure that you have restarted the significance of each one concisely. Experts reveal that this is something that will explain to you that you have correctly and logically defended your thesis of an explanatory essay, even if it will help increase your overall writing strength.

Last but not least, you should have to offer an overall concluding statement. Means, you ought to demonstrate the value of the specific piece of information chosen from a global perspective. The best approach is to leave the readers with a call to action, which means something like that insists them to read the content further on. This point is very important on how to write an explanatory essay and the individual must follow it.  

Let’s take a look if you have questions regarding how to write an explanatory essay.

  • Introduction
  1. A hook
  2. Background information means it is said to be something that demonstrates all sides of the argument
  3. Thesis statement
  • Body (Three paragraphs)
  1. It is said that it assists in determining the first argument with a topic sentence
  2. Here, the author should provide evidence for the piece of information using their sources
  3. Now, the author should have to explain the evidence and connect it to their argument
  4. It's time to conclude each paragraph; it is simply done by solidifying your case and defining why it is essential
  5. Author should have to use the conclusion to flow into the next paragraph
  • Conclusion
  1. Author should have to restate the thesis statement
  2. Very next, you have to sum up all the topic sentences along with the arguments of your explanatory essay
  3. This is where you will wind up the piece with a term of conclusion and leave your reader with a final impression
Basic Points About Explanatory Essay Outline
Writing an Explanatory Essay

Some Key Points Concerning Writing an explanatory essay

So, before submitting your final explanatory research outline, you should have to take a couple of legitimate steps to tie the knot around your composition.

  • Confirmation about the Clarity

No doubt, a primary or fundamental goal of explanatory writing is to elucidate a topic or event, so you have to ensure that your descriptive essay clearly elaborates and simplifies the comprehension level for the audience. The final thing that you want your reader to be confused after reading your explanatory article is questioning the entire point you were trying to make!

  • Reread and Edit

Experts depict that pesky grammatical and word usage mistakes are the worst thing a writer can offer; these are the things that kill the eloquence of the text. So, it is highly recommended that you have to reread your explanatory essay several times and remember that it runs smoothly the same as a Sunday morning creek.

  • Final Look With A Pair of Eyes (Again)

Yes, it is the point where you can readily eliminate all the obstacles that put you away to be an excellent explanatory essay author. You can ask your colleagues, friends, teachers to read over your essay to give it some final touch-ups and adjustments. Take a proper look using your beautiful eyes, and hit all those un-authorized information and mistakes that you have never seen earlier.

  • Takeaway

Thankfully, you come to know how to write an explanatory essay and what it is and even how to structure or present it. So, if you want to become an excellent explanatory essay writer, then simply you have to stick to the above information to get better outcomes.

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