How To Write Case Study Solution Conclusion?

  • March 10, 2020
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  • Adriana Patrick

Students get assignments to work on every now and then, and amongst them, the most important one is case study writing, which sometimes is easy but mostly requires a lot of research and preparation. Case studies are specified for writing research or reports and are vital when it comes to learning about a student’s potential. In these assignments, students discover new ideas and focus on tiny details that can have a negative impact on a business. There are several sections involved in this task which are similar to writing a research report, but in this, you have to suggest the best option for the problem discussed.

Students usually aren’t aware of the significance a case study conclusion holds; therefore, they ignore this segment and do not take much interest in composing it. The end of the study can show the reader how good your case is. Additionally, it allows others to learn about the best case study solution you could come up with. If someone, after running through half of the report, understands that where it’s going, can directly reach the conclusion section to find your answer. It is the very reason why focusing on the introduction and conclusion section is critical.

Points To Ponder & Why Students Need To Work On Case Studies

When you are writing a case study, it is essential to write about the sources you have collected information from. Moreover, why their solutions should be neglected and what is the primary reason behind the breakdown of the company’s groundwork and you can read one or two case study examples as well. Consider the first and last section of the document to be a story, and it’s moral, if you don’t write what you have learned from your research in a precise manner, then the message to the reader won’t be delivered. The content of these sections can entirely mislead a person, which is not the point.

A case study solves the problem from a different point of view, and the primary reason behind developing it is to find the best solution after going through its benefits and limitations. So, leaving an impression on the reader is essential if you want to get a good score in your finals. For students, it is helpful in a number of ways, it enables them to approach a problem from different perspectives, and this knowledge can be put to use in everyday life. It also helps them boosting their confidence because they know what they are about to deliver, contains hard work, and the perfect solution to the problem.

When It Comes To Case Study – Your First Impression Is Not The Last

As you are already aware that every beginning has an end somewhere, and the start of a case study always should leave an everlasting impression on the user. At the present time, students are assigned business management case study, where they have to come up with an idea to solve a particular problem that is acting as a hurdle in its path to success. Instructors read the introduction section, the issues that are discussed, and why the way you suggested is better than the rest in conclusion.

Methods of case study solution conclusion

It is the very section where you must add a proper ending to; you can let the reader know about the impact your proposed explanation will have on the issue. In this area, you can even share what you have learned through the whole case study research and what else can benefit the company other than just the solutions to their problem. Presenting your case study to a professor allows them to see how you approached a simple matter and the measures you took to solve them. You can discuss other facts that can affect the company’s performance, which includes talking about the material being used or developing a marketing strategy or what is that a firm isn’t focusing on.

You can share the experience you had while giving your research work the perfect picture. Even you can let them know about the hurdles you came across and what steps you took to eliminate them. Sometimes it can take too long to write a case study, and it can be because the topic didn’t interest you or it contains too much material to go through in the research process. You have to make the teacher understand your point of view regarding the case and how sooner or later, your chosen idea will benefit the company. Instead of adding details about all the things that could be done to improve, just list the most important ones that you think can create a vital impact.

In the end section of a case study, you can express gratitude to your teammates if this case study assignment was carried out by a group of students. In universities today, most projects are assigned to groups in which they have to work together on developing a new idea. The length of the conclusion can vary depending on the complexity of the topic; sometimes, creating a short ending can be more productive, which also is based on the type.

What Needs To Be Followed While Writing A Conclusion

The primary motive of the conclusion is to restate findings from your case study, to express the context clearly, the reason for chasing a specific problem in the assignment, and to inform the reader about the importance of your research problem. A few things that require attention about how to do a case study conclusion:

  • Summarizing sections

In case the purpose of your case study is compound and contains a lot of text, then you will need to sum them up and arrange words in the most effective manner.  

  • Importance of your work

If you didn’t talk about your findings or how important they are for your case study, then use this section to add that content. A conclusion cannot always be short; sometimes, it may require an extra piece of work, depending on the content.  

  • Professors’ Preferences

It is essential to follow the guidelines of your instructor and prepare a case study following them precisely. If they didn’t ask you to express your research in a detailed manner, then don’t. Stick to the significance of the report and conclude the case study.

The whole goal of the conclusion is to help the reader understand the discussed what, why, and how in the paper, you need to be very careful while writing it. Writing an assumption instead of solutions based on evidence will always have a negative impact because the whole purpose of the assignment is to research and test different methods to find the best. The addition of all possible outcomes from your findings will be a big plus because sometimes a teacher can ask for verifiable information that students usually do not include in this segment.

What Needs To Be Followed While Writing A Conclusion
Write Case Study Solution Conclusion

Elements That Are A Must To Include In A Case Study solution format

A type of report, where different sections of the page deal with particular characteristics of the case. Usually, your professor will let you know how to write a case study report and will also inform you about which sections to include and exclude. A case study is comprised of the following rudiments:

  • Introduction

It consists of the intro of the case, any background, or previous reports of the problem.

  • Motive or executive summary

This section includes an overview of the recommendations and purpose of the case study, along with a few questions that you are going to find the answers to.

  • Method

In here, you will explain how you carried out the whole process, which mediums you utilized to gather information from, and what kind of obstacles were a part of the procedure.

  • Results or Criterion

This area has to include information about what you found from all your selected resources like what was the response of people who you involved in the questionnaire and what did you observe in this whole time.

  • Discussion or Possible Alternatives

Let the reader know about the importance of your findings and what the company can gain from it. Please stick to the topic and don’t take a broad view of other events because they are not considered important and should not be a part of a case study because it is entirely about a particular condition.  

  • Recommendations & Conclusion

Add all the information about the topic, what you did to find answers to a problem, which research methods did you utilize, how the result was, the best possible solution to the issue, and what else can be done, with a proof.

A Case Study solution format
Write Case Study Solution Conclusion

Other then these essential sections, you can always put up a cover and table of contents page. It will make it easier for the reader to move through different regions of the assignment. Even if your instructor didn’t mention adding this section still you can because it will always give a good impression. Keep in mind that it is the study of a specific circumstance, including hypothesis, or irrelevant data will never work out

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