How To Write Cause And Effect Essay That Can Impress Your Instructor

  • January 03, 2020
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  • Evelyn Holmes

First, let’s quickly learn about what a cause and effect essay is!

We are curious beings, and we want to know how and why a particular problem persists or can arise. We then look for solutions to take care of the matter and avert it from happening again. Some things, however, are inevitable, but it is essential to know the cause behind the event, which led to that anomaly.

This particular type of essay not only assists people in learning about what’s causing a specific irregular effect but also allows them to figure out an explanation. The cause and effect essay is not an easy task, especially for a beginner who just stepped into higher education. It requires wide-ranging research and analytical skills, which are not a strong side of students.

A cause can be described as something that gives birth to an event or a situation. The effect side of the essay assists us in learning about the results from that particular happening. In some topics, it is easy to find the cause and the effect of a situation, but in most cases, it becomes difficult to establish a link. It is easy to diagnose the cause and effect of a broken arm, but finding a reason for sickness can actually be quite perplexing.

In the situation of sickness, you can sometimes get multiple causes, which makes it trickier to find the exact reason. It is also a possibility that the illness is caused by the combination of these problems, in which case a discussion can turn into a heated argument, and to avoid that from happening, it is essential for a student to select a topic that is less or not debatable at all.

How To Formulate A Cause And Effect Essay Without Getting Into Complications?

The life of a student is difficult, but it has several advantages as well; one of them is, a learner is not a professional writer, which is why there aren’t many conditions or obligations that need to be followed. In most cases, it is not easy to find a cause, and sometimes it is not even essential, especially for a student.

If you have been assigned a topic and your research finds multiple causes behind a problem, then use the one you think is the most probable reason behind the effect. When you claim one of these many reasons to be the most relatable and vital, it means you have established a theory. Now, we can focus on it as the primary cause and associate it with the effects.  

Formulate A Cause And Effect Essay
Write Cause And Effect Essay

Formatting A Cause And Effect Essay

The opening paragraph doesn’t require a lot of effort; you just have to begin with a casual introduction of the theme. Later, when the starting paragraph sets its path to a thesis statement, this is where you will need to precise about the primary cause and effect, or if there are more versions of the causes and relatable impacts, then don’t forget to state them.

Now to structurize the body sections of the essay, you can utilize two ways, one in which you talk about the cause first, then share the effects, or the second way in which you begin with the effects and then start stating the causes. No matter which method you utilize to organize the essay, it is essential to incorporate supportive evidence and share any recent scientific studies regarding the topic.

Without any experts’ opinions or facts, it can become challenging to keep the reader focused. The best possible way to do that is by including questions and answers that have never been or rarely asked before. So, let’s begin with organizing our essay in a real-time to help you with your academic task:

  • Topic Selection

Expert writers say that selecting a topic is the most challenging part for a student, as they don’t know how things will turn out if they choose a theme about which they don’t know much. So, choose a topic that you already know enough about and can easily relate to the cause and effects.

If you are employed part-time or have relevant experience, then you can write about why you are not satisfied with the job or simply state causes of job disappointment or the effects of being the employee of the year.

  • Begin Research

When you get past topic selection, you will find another barricade stopping your path to a prosperous cause and effect essay. This is where you need to analyze all aspects of the topic carefully before getting to the writing process. This process can take some time, as it requires your complete attention, so you don’t miss out on any vital details.

You can ask questions, even the ones you already have answers to, note them down, and check what is not catching up. You already know the reason why it is happening and how, but you will need to consult specialists to get the answer to how it will affect the future. You can also look into previous studies to find answers, but make sure the sources you are going to use are credible.

  • The Thesis Statement

We all know the importance of this tiny section in the beginning paragraph; this is where you will let the reader know about the significance of the topic, why you selected it, and what you are planning to achieve. Adding your opinion is not a good idea, and this piece of the paragraph should go along with the feelings of the readers. However, you can let them know why you think this specific issue should be discussed.

  • Time For A Draft

One thing that you need to keep in mind before getting into the drafting phase. You can write your thoughts on this piece of paper, as it’s a rough draft, but make sure to add all the information you have gathered in the most organized way possible. This draft is going to help you later in structuring your final version of the paper.

It is possible that you will fail a few times while creating a perfect rough draft, but don’t worry or give up. All you have to do is arrange your thoughts in a way that follows the syntax of cause and effect essay. When you are done, it is time to extract the critical elements or divide the information into two segments, the useful section, and the less useful ones.

  • Decide The Structure

There are two structures that are widely known and used to articulate a cause and effect essay. One is the “Block Structure,” and the second is the “Chain Structure.” In the block structure, a student will put all the causes in black and white first, and then inscribe all the effects. Whereas, in a chain structure, every cause is followed by an effect paragraph, that describes its probable consequence.

When you have selected a format, it is time to use the most suitable transition words to connect the cause and effect. The relation can be described in simple terms, and one should never write the effect section prior to the cause segment.

Outline For Writing Cause And Effect Essay

Now that you know the basic requirements and have collected all the necessary details to embed in the essay, it is essential to create an outline accordingly. Creating a plan is compulsory for all essays; without it, there can be instances when you forget to add some vital piece of information. When you have prepared an outline, there is no way that you will miss out on anything.

You can follow this simple format to write a cause and effect essay without facing any challenges. All you will need to do is insert your text in the right manner, and you will be done with your essay in no time.

  • Opening paragraph followed by a “Hook Statement.”
  • Thesis Statement when concluding the introduction section.
  • Topic Sentence 1
  1. Cause 1
  2. Effect 1
  • Topic Sentence 2
  1. Cause 2
  2. Effect 2
  • Topic Sentence 3
  1. Cause 3
  2. Effect 3
  • Paraphrase “Thesis Statement,” do not copy, and paste it!
  • Leave an everlasting expression with a “Concluding Sentence.”

Method For Writing Cause And Effect Essay

We all know that no man is an island, and it takes time to get better at something you have never worked on before. It simply means, if you aren’t able to give a proper structure to your gathered information, then it’s not a big deal, you can try inserting the details again, in a different way.

You need to make it easier for the readers to understand, and on the basis of your first paragraph, they will decide whether to read the whole thing or not. It is the exact reason why the opening sentence is called a hook. You can always add questions to your introduction section to make the readers curious about what’s to come.

Method For Writing Cause And Effect Essay
Write Cause And Effect Essay

So, in order to make them read further, you will have to impress them with what you are going to talk about and why. If the readers can’t connect dots, or you failed to help them comprehend, then they might lose interest, and drop your score.

1. Body Paragraphs

This essay will be entirely based on factual data, and if you don't use any credible sources to gather information, then you can’t convince the audience. If you use your own opinions and present them in a way that they are a part of some reviewed source, then it will not work.

You know your targeted audience, and they already have plenty of information regarding your topic. The readers are studying your essay to add more to their knowledge, as your report is going to be based on recently updated information. If you fail to establish a link between the cause and effect, then I’m sorry to say, but you are about to hurt your grade.

2. Conclusion

This is going to be your last chance to impress the reader. Also, in this section, you will re-write the thesis statement, reminding them of what the central theme of the essay was. Moreover, you will summarize the entire piece and choose the minimum words to describe your findings. Remember, a reasonable conclusion always uses precise information and does not give rise to new questions.

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