Learn How to Write an Evaluation Essay In Simplified Steps

  • January 02, 2020
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  • Thomas Merrick

How much do you know about evaluation essays? Well, if you don’t know enough, then here you will learn about all the fundamentals, including the best approach you can put to use for writing one. This particular type of essay is similar to providing reviews on a product; it lets the audience know about its qualities and defects. It can also be used to compare a product, which helps in convincing people to go for an option that has better features.

We all know about reviews and have given them to services, products, videos, or businesses. They help people in making a decision, whether they should go for a particular thing or not. For example, a company lists an item on a website, and describes it in the best way possible; some of the people who purchase that product will post a review about its quality, and give a rating. If the score is below average or the study isn’t satisfying, then for sure, the buyer will move to another listing of the same product from a different vendor.

A review can seriously change the course of a business’s way to success. However, this was just an example of how the evaluation essay works. Still, the topics we are assigned require research, and excellent writing skills, as these evaluations are based on lengthy paragraphs, not just a few sentences.

So, start searching for a topic that best interests you, and in order to do that, you will need to have durable suggestions regarding it. The reason is, if you select a topic you don’t know much about, it will require a hefty amount of research. To avoid that, it is best to choose a theme that you know most about.

Focus On The Criteria In The Topic

This is the fun part; these roles assist you in giving your opinion the shape of evaluation. It helps the writers in judging the sections of the topic as good or bad. The criteria are the parts of the essay topic, such as if you are writing on a topic related to a restaurant, you will include information about the quality of food, service, environment, price, and the most important of all the taste. These roles are not a difficult job to locate, especially if you have quite a lot of knowledge regarding the topic.

Now, as you know what an evaluation essay is, we’ll proceed to the next step. This is where you need to make sure that the information you are adding is not ambiguous or unreasoned. The method given below will help you out in structuring your essay:

  • Topic Selection

If you don’t already have a topic assigned by your instructor, then it is your chance to select the one you know about the most. Selecting a title, you are familiar with will help you in writing without doing extensive research. Still, it is essential to focus on the tiniest details in order to make a verdict.

  • The Thesis Statement

It is the most crucial part of the evaluation; this is where you will let the readers know about the criteria being utilized. It should be to the point and is not supposed to confuse readers, as they want to know what your essay is going to be about, this is the one section that can ultimately draw their attention. If you are finding it challenging to write this section, then you can cover it after you have completed your essay.

  • Criteria & Proofs

To decide what type of topic you are going to evaluate, it is essential to select the criteria related to the item carefully. You cannot describe a restaurant with the roles of a movie theatre. You need to know about the things or parts connected to that topic. Also, including a suggestion is one thing, but adding your thoughts to an entire essay will make it lose its primary purpose. Which is why you need to implement supporting evidence that has been reviewed or is taken from a credible source.

  • Creating A Draft

After you have collected all the necessary information, it is time to write your first draft. You can start writing without keeping any specific structure in mind because the formatting part comes later. So, when you are done writing, you will find it much comfortable to rearrange your words in a structure that is free from errors. Also, it will help you in pointing out portions that are not too useful as the others, and these sections are going to help you in creating a perfect thesis statement.

  • The Final Version

Once you are done with the draft, it is time to fix all errors, and start working on the final version. By this point, you will have a perfect structure in mind like where to implement specific information, where it will be best to use supporting evidence, and you will even be able to point out your very own mistakes. The proofreading part will also be covered in this area, but still, it is essential to reread the final essay for any chance of errors.

Focus On The Criteria In The Topic
Write an Evaluation Essay

What’s the difference between Evaluation Essay & Review?

If you were wondering it’s the same thing well, it is not; however, you can call it relevant but not identical. In an evaluation essay, one has to analyze the topic for evaluation carefully, whereas a review doesn’t need any in-depth research.

In terms of presenting an opinion, it can be called similar, but not the entire essay should be filled with them because it is essential to add evidence that supports the topic. In a review, the information one adds, is entirely based on the opinions of the other, and it doesn’t require any supporting proofs.

It is essential to give the right amount of information, adding extra details, not only repels a reader but also makes the essay boring. Adding information that is too common, is not considered essential, which is why, give readers what they need to read, and should be aware. So, when you are preparing an introduction, make sure you don't miss any important point, and let the readers know what exactly they will be reading in the following sections of the essay.

The tricky part is to make the readers agree with your judgments; the only possible way to do that is by providing supporting data. Without enough information or facts, you will make it hard for the readers to agree with your comments.

Criteria & Evidence In A Nutshell! 

Criteria are the parts of the topic, which you are going to evaluate, in the example of the restaurant we discussed earlier, the behavior of the crew, food, quality, atmosphere, taste, and tidiness is the criteria. This is what helps the readers in learning about what you will be talking about in the essay.

Also, it is always a good idea to think of something similar in mind for comparison. You can share your thoughts about what should be a part of the topic, and why. Once you have all these characteristics in place, you will be able to evaluate the subject in a better way.

It is essential to provide supporting evidence to support your opinions. For example, in the restaurant example, if you are making a judgment that their atmosphere is not up to one's prospects, then you will need to add proof about what are the basis of coming up with such conviction.

You can do the analysis by criteria, use the chronological order, or present a study based on visuals. You let the audience know the reason behind evaluating it and share what happened in the shape of a complete story from the entrance to the time of exit, and last but not least, how a particular thing, act, or subject has affected the audience.

Criteria & Evidence In A Nutshell!
Write an Evaluation Essay

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